EP.2: GENERATION EXPAT – (Black Theatre Talks)

After the feedback that I've received from my peers, regarding the Ep.1; Many have expressed their disappointment at the lack of response from our white counterparts in the industry. There was an expectation that this would open a forum and expose our conversations candidly, giving education and insight to those who don't understand our experience. … Continue reading EP.2: GENERATION EXPAT – (Black Theatre Talks)

Gang Culture: The source and how it affects me?

Siddique Kamara, a rapper in London’s drill music group -  Moscow 17,  became the capitals 85th murder on the 2nd of August 2017. Siddique, cleared of murder earlier this year, was found stabbed to death on Warham Street, Camberwell, at 19:20. Amongst the bellows of a community screaming for their lost sons and mourning the … Continue reading Gang Culture: The source and how it affects me?

BOOKSLAM: Peach by Emma Glass

Emma Glass’ debut novel ‘Peach’ is possibly one of the strangest books I have ever read. Strange in the sense that it is unimpeachably and consummately unique. Unique, because it takes, what is truly, a horrific event and narrates it in a style that is disturbingly and inescapably moreish. Needless to say, there is a … Continue reading BOOKSLAM: Peach by Emma Glass

POETRY: Midnight Insight by Jody Nolan

After interviewing Poet and Spoken Word Artist,  Jody Nolan.  We got the chance to film his new piece, Midnight Insight; a exploration of being working class living in West London, where he can see Grenfell tower from his window and the affluent who live around it. A articulate and 'Insightful' comment on British Society and … Continue reading POETRY: Midnight Insight by Jody Nolan

BENCHED EP 2: Jody Nolan

ThePalaceOfTheDogs presents the second episode of Benched. Where TPOTD:Collective member Nadine Woodley talks to poet Jody Nolan about how his autism and upbringing has influenced his work.


Purely from curiosity and intrigue of my new commute; When I moved to South London last year I began to film trains. With a new lengthy commute into work, boredom tickled me into looking into other commuters faces and I began to create stories for them. Characters. My stories all had an obvious theme, which … Continue reading TRAINS

BOOKSLAM: Sing, Unburied, Sing By Jesmyn Ward

  Jesmyn Ward will forever be one of my favourite authors. Her writing is simply like no other. Gritty, bleak, palpable, physical, and fertile all at once. In her novels, the American South is brilliantly brought to life; a great big centrifugal force that demands acute attention and which takes undeniable inspiration from the strange … Continue reading BOOKSLAM: Sing, Unburied, Sing By Jesmyn Ward